A very low-key interpretation of happiness – Part 1

 ” Darling !!! Life isn’t an American movie with a jubilant end…….. Being happy is not what I’m looking for……. Happiness is not for me…” 

This is a part of what one of my ex’s said the day we parted. Though, that was long time ago -back when daddy was my sole superhero and living on my own was at the top of my wishlist- my hippocampus did a good job engraving these words on my memory. I spent a couple of days questioning what’s wrong with me or maybe with her but being busy  made the movement to the next chapter of my life fast and smooth. Now, if there was a jerk to recall it would be the query that always popped up.


imageThis was and still the question that millions of people struggle with. It’s one of those interrogations where Yes/No is not enough. A further explanation and an inductive reasoning are often required especially if the answer tends to be a nod that we all desire. A yes, that probably will never sound as good as you want it and might not shine as bright as you conjectured for an unfussy reason : ” scepticism”.

Seconds before this (yes) is spoken, our body and soul cooperate desperately, saving no energy to convince the mind about how confident they are and how positive it should be disclosed. During these fractions of seconds, the brain activates the neural braking network giving us a chance to double-check the accuracy of our decision thus, to enounce or not.

To cut a long story short, due to the stress, the huge number of scenes to flashback and the deficiency of the given time. We end up attaching a second question : 

Do I fathom out what true happiness is ?!?!?


Out of a look at the dictionary, I could spot a contrast between the terms (happiness) and (satisfaction) , that seem to be identical at first sight. When satisfaction is defined as “the pleasure derived from the fulfilment of one’s wishes, expectations or needs”. In other word, it is the intersection of what we need/wish/expect and the time and place of its occurrence.

However Happiness is explained shortly as follows “the state of being happy”. Therefore, there is no real limitation of this emotion.

Here’s a simple questionnaire which, I’ve prepared a month ago to collect information from 10 people (P1, P2, ……..P10) who range from close friends to strangers, white-collar to blue-collar employees, locals to foreigners, teenagers to adults and from illiterate to “intellos”. They were given 25 stars to be distributed over the 5 columns of the table. Each column represents one of the most popular source of happiness (knowledge, money, health, love and power). The participants have the right to put up to 5 stars in each column and below are their answers to ” what do you need to have a happy life ?” 


Some of you might have strongly agreed with one of the Ps’ answers, quarreled with another’s and wondered how would one of these people’s life look like. I personally have found many friends and relatives in this list and though none of these descriptions can be mine, I still have lots of things in common with most of the respondents. From the standpoint of a peaceful “hippie” I’d say that It feels good knowing that everyone is aware of the importance and necessity of love and knowledge. 

I believe these recipes will continually lead to a satisfactory life but they will never route to a happy one. None of the respondents have left a field vacant. It’s great to seek the best of everything, ambition is a great quality. However, it’s greater to admit that having all is not possible this is why surviving under the hardship ( absence of a part or more) is a higher standard.


Just like freedom/ democracy, religion/ ethics, personality/ life-experience …etc what links happiness to satisfaction is a relationship between the parts and the whole, where the latter exists if and only if, all parts are gathered which is possible to come true for a jiffy but not to remain for a lifespan. 


Here are 3 out the 4 possible figures that can chronicle one’s life. Below is the map key to understand what these lines signify. 

(AB): life, the period of time we spent on earth from the cradle (A) to the grave (B)

(C): the wishes, dreams, desires, needs, obligations, expectations…..etc

(D): the fulfilment or achievement of (C)

(H): Happiness: the meeting point of (C) and (D)

A bulk of blank pages can’t be called a book, so is life. Having millions of empty canvas doesn’t make neither the salesman nor the painter an artist. It’s about how good are you at dealing with the black (downs) so your portrait doesn’t dark ( sad). 


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