To be viewed, liked or followed ?

I started writing here couples of weeks ago and to be honest I’ve never considered being a blogger until I met one. A “blogger” ! Sounds good right?

Lost in translation and with no real knowledge or background with terms like “clicks”, “publicize”, “stats” “ads”, “upgrade” and “polls” I was like “Erm…….well…..why not ?? There’s always a first time for everything”, thoughย I’ve never been neither excellent at doing something nor too lucky to have it effortlessly. I’m the turtle not the rabbit and now as the time goes by I’m kind of used and content with tussling.

I prefer calling the first and second posts unavailing to fruitless but again expectations is what ruin your life. So I just decided to write for me, myself and a bunch of friends. You may LOL at me calling them “wonders” but when I infrequently got those mails stating that someone followed or liked one of my posts I became keener to write, more buoyant to blog and more confident when publishing.

I recently stumbled on Facebook group ” WordPress followers ..something”. It wasn’t only the curiosity that made me care about joining, I was eager to know and read successful stories and creative approaches. Again shit happens when you expect, The group was all about – let’s do a follow swap- game. Which even if you argue efficient, is not interesting.

Do I need more viewers to get more followers? More followers to be better seen and likes ?

I believe none of them is the right key. It’s all about setting a clear objective and taking the right path.

Since a good writer is fundamentally a good reader, Similarily to successfully blog I believe you should forage for victorious blogs and hit-posts. I’d like to mention a blog that is the best exemplar so far

(( , where you can obviously spot the blogger’s goal: to write, to have words cruising.

I was asked to write a post about who am I and why am I blogging ? Now, I think I should have responded as followed: to get my words cruising further than my ass.


21 thoughts on “To be viewed, liked or followed ?

  1. Well one thing is sure, we were all new at blogging at some point. Taking the plunge into the blogging pool may be the first step, but once you’re in, keep swimming.

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  2. I actually blog just to have a place to write. It’s more fun to use a blog background than a boring Word background. I have long given up public approval. You take me as I am and find what I say interesting or you don’t. Either way, I blog for me. The views, likes and followers are the proverbial icing on my (gluten-free) cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Writing is therapeutic for me. It’s a way for me to get my thoughts out of my head, even if there’s no one to hear them, so I can move on with what needs to be done. I’ve always been a writer. It’s been a comfort; pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard.

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  4. I do know what you mean. Sadly, in a world where it’s hard sometimes to find peeps to converse writing becomes a refuge. a secret garden where one can steal bits of purity and peace.

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  5. Interesting question there, to be viewed, liked or followed…I think I want it ALL because with that you get to interact with everyone across the globe? It sounds cheesy right? But it’s true. I once wrote a blog you might find interesting
    In all honesty, blogging gets much more fun by the day because there aren’t any rules on how and why you should write. You will enjoy the journey, trust me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. I LOVE this blog. I also write more for myself and my friends, but if others connect with it and follow me because of it, GREAT!
    Personally, I make it a point to read most if not all of the blogs from people I follow. I may not “like” or “comment” on all of them, but I make an effort to see what appeals to them and what makes them “tick”.

    Great point of view!

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