Don’t cry


Don’t cry 

You will be both fine and happy 

And by the end of the ugly tomorrow 

You will meet him

The right …. the one ….. the perfect

And don’t fret

He will clear them 

The ashes of my memory 

The pain of my loss

And the sourness of the sorrow

And don’t sap …

Don’t tire …

And don’t surrender !

He is right there

To glue that part of you

That has to be fixed

To recraft what used to be abused

What I once called mine


4 thoughts on “Don’t cry

  1. Hello there..! Mostly when in such situations where the two people who were together part their ways, the pain of losing that person and how one got hurt is portrayed. But you’ve wrote down things wishing hopeful future for the other one. It just melted my heart. It was really nice. And that made me even more sad.!

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  2. Hola Dear thanks for the sweet comment 🙂 Actually I can’t find a reason not to wish the other part happiness and loads of luck in the his/her journey. I believe as well that a real relationship of love will at the worst cases turn into a friendship


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