A quick chat with a King


We all have that little ” Hasan, Luigi, Tom, Julien, Miguel, Hongqi …..etc” in our neighborhoods. I’m talking about that kid who occupies the corner you may stop by for a couple of seconds to tie your shoelaces during your daily outing. He would sit for hours trying all the marketing tips he’s learned over the time at ” the University of Seasons and Seasons on the ground ”  to sell you  chewing gums,a nail clipper, a keychain or just a pack of tissues that could give the vividest denotation of heat, cold, loneliness, war, peace and fear, that was and still the most willing accomplice when sinning and the most placating solace when bewailing. A pack of tissues that comprehends that none of the mentioned tips could make this long-awaited detachment from his “Roi ” as soon as begging would.

The king supplicated !!!!!

In a planet where a porn star has millions of fans on social media and tons of food are wasted rather than donated ……. A real king is likely to beg. Actually he’s good at it, he even considers it a life-skill which endures just like riding a bicycle or pitching a tent appropriately and as there was a need for a first time to gain this skill, I was wondering when was the King’s premiere and here was the answer.

I begged him once to have a bite

Of his sandwich

 I begged her mom so we hang out 

She was a bitch

I begged their sister for love the sacred 

I was mortified…. I developed hatred

He knew I was amazed by the way he speaks.

He knew I underestimated him.

He knew I thought he’s unlettered.. so he added.

I am the King and I’m lucky

The best poet is a friend

And he enlightened me

The victims of genius are clients

And they taught me

It’s by the painter and his beloved

I was worshiped 

And by the monk and his God 

I was venerated

It was a struggle, a hardship I should admit

A fight to which I was challenged

But with Neptune and Uranus 

I was blessed

As when a cop scolded

There was a hippie to cheer up

And when an ugly disgusted

There was a cute to joy me up

I didn’t say Adios as I went. The king is easy to find

I just winked, smiled, hand-slauted him and wished I could be a king for a while


The silly pre-cruise thoughts by the dean of silliness :)

” Se Paciente  !!!!!

This is what I’ve been telling to my little tetchy self as I was getting ready for another cruise … a further and a more protracted one this time but helas ! all of the tips that used to calm me down are no longer fruitful and none of the benefits of being “home” managed to take the feelings, facts and images of travelling off of my eyes. I who decided and is pleased to make a life out of saying Hi and goodbye. It’s been quiet a long time since the last fine I got for those stolen puffs in the plane’s lavatory. I missed those butterflies in the stomach and the rush, the run to the airport with that fiendish voice in the head ” it’s late already” then realizing you’re maybe the first comer so you go to the people, elicit their stories, crack jokes and even squabble over everything and nothing in an imprudent escape from “time”.

The time that though I always had to brawl with for unspecified reasons before having a pact which was always broken in two shakes of a lamb’s tail I’m proud to admit its necessity, its great influence on my life and would even thank for the way it shaped me like nothing else did. Now I’m having a strange, silly but strong belief that time is the best enemy one can have in his life for a simple reason that may not be so justifiable.

An enemy can’t be temporary. It has to be perpetual and equally powerful so the combat would last as long as possible…. a lifetime and must come to an end under a sole condition which is the disappearance of both adversaries because confronting, winning a fight with someone/ something then being sure of his/ its vanishing and the impossibility of having one more round would rather generate sadness, sorrow and dejection than giving me elation which is the result of getting engaged in a conflict with any of the other so-called “enemies” ranging from governments, diseases, financial hardships to narrow-minded people, a dangerous stray dog and even theories of racism.