A quick chat with a King


We all have that little ” Hasan, Luigi, Tom, Julien, Miguel, Hongqi …..etc” in our neighborhoods. I’m talking about that kid who occupies the corner you may stop by for a couple of seconds to tie your shoelaces during your daily outing. He would sit for hours trying all the marketing tips he’s learned over the time at ” the University of Seasons and Seasons on the ground ”  to sell you  chewing gums,a nail clipper, a keychain or just a pack of tissues that could give the vividest denotation of heat, cold, loneliness, war, peace and fear, that was and still the most willing accomplice when sinning and the most placating solace when bewailing. A pack of tissues that comprehends that none of the mentioned tips could make this long-awaited detachment from his “Roi ” as soon as begging would.

The king supplicated !!!!!

In a planet where a porn star has millions of fans on social media and tons of food are wasted rather than donated ……. A real king is likely to beg. Actually he’s good at it, he even considers it a life-skill which endures just like riding a bicycle or pitching a tent appropriately and as there was a need for a first time to gain this skill, I was wondering when was the King’s premiere and here was the answer.

I begged him once to have a bite

Of his sandwich

 I begged her mom so we hang out 

She was a bitch

I begged their sister for love the sacred 

I was mortified…. I developed hatred

He knew I was amazed by the way he speaks.

He knew I underestimated him.

He knew I thought he’s unlettered.. so he added.

I am the King and I’m lucky

The best poet is a friend

And he enlightened me

The victims of genius are clients

And they taught me

It’s by the painter and his beloved

I was worshiped 

And by the monk and his God 

I was venerated

It was a struggle, a hardship I should admit

A fight to which I was challenged

But with Neptune and Uranus 

I was blessed

As when a cop scolded

There was a hippie to cheer up

And when an ugly disgusted

There was a cute to joy me up

I didn’t say Adios as I went. The king is easy to find

I just winked, smiled, hand-slauted him and wished I could be a king for a while


— I once have wished —

I once have wished 

There was a planet 

where I plus you equals you


I once have wished 

That at night as in the morning 

the sun shone

So I can surf those wrinkles 

Slide along your lips 

Drift, bounce, fall and shift 

And proudly announce

I located beauty 

I once have wished 

I could chaperone you

So I voetsak

Out of the land of Right

And shoo the guilt away


I once have wished 

Death was a party 

And Azrael was a welcomed advena

So I recommend his comradeship 

So I smile as we parted

To be viewed, liked or followed ?

I started writing here couples of weeks ago and to be honest I’ve never considered being a blogger until I met one. A “blogger” ! Sounds good right?

Lost in translation and with no real knowledge or background with terms like “clicks”, “publicize”, “stats” “ads”, “upgrade” and “polls” I was like “Erm…….well…..why not ?? There’s always a first time for everything”, though I’ve never been neither excellent at doing something nor too lucky to have it effortlessly. I’m the turtle not the rabbit and now as the time goes by I’m kind of used and content with tussling.

I prefer calling the first and second posts unavailing to fruitless but again expectations is what ruin your life. So I just decided to write for me, myself and a bunch of friends. You may LOL at me calling them “wonders” but when I infrequently got those mails stating that someone followed or liked one of my posts I became keener to write, more buoyant to blog and more confident when publishing.

I recently stumbled on Facebook group ” WordPress followers ..something”. It wasn’t only the curiosity that made me care about joining, I was eager to know and read successful stories and creative approaches. Again shit happens when you expect, The group was all about – let’s do a follow swap- game. Which even if you argue efficient, is not interesting.

Do I need more viewers to get more followers? More followers to be better seen and likes ?

I believe none of them is the right key. It’s all about setting a clear objective and taking the right path.

Since a good writer is fundamentally a good reader, Similarily to successfully blog I believe you should forage for victorious blogs and hit-posts. I’d like to mention a blog that is the best exemplar so far

(( http://www.aopinionatedman.com)) , where you can obviously spot the blogger’s goal: to write, to have words cruising.

I was asked to write a post about who am I and why am I blogging ? Now, I think I should have responded as followed: to get my words cruising further than my ass.